Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server 2.2.29

Apache HTTP Server is a web server that meets current HTTP standards

Apache HTTP Server is a web server that accomplishes with current HTTP standards.
This web server provides all the features and the options provided by any HTTP server with great performance and absolute control of it. Its administration is very easy however it doesn’t have any GUI; by using commands and scripts you can set it up quickly in almost any platform.
Among the features provided by this web server are hosting, binding ports to listen specific addresses and ports, content negotiation, storing information in environment variables, logging capabilities, mapping URLs to local files, performance and configuration capabilities, SSL/TLS encryption capability, execution of CGI and SSI programs capability and many more.
The new features for this version include rebuilding on its authorization and authentication modules, cache modules additions and changes, load balancing, SQL database support and many others that you can find out about on its website.
Its service monitor indicates that the web server is running and up or is stopped and down, allowing starting, stopping or restarting the Apache web server; it also indicates tasks or processes realized by the web server.
Its installation process is very easy to perform. Its documentation is very complete and detailed; it’s recommended to read it.
Apache HTTP Server works in Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms.

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  • Apache HTTP Server is a web server with good capabilities and performance that can be easily installed and configured in almost any platform


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